When the past returns, will the world burn?

Under the scorching rays of a crimson sun, the world bakes. In the vast wastes that cover the land, herders eke out a living in a constant search for water and feeble grazing grounds, merchants ply the trade roads constantly on the watch for raiders, and tribes of elves run over the dunes looking for trade or easy victims – or sometimes both. In the city states that dot the landscape, tyrannical sorcerer-kings rule with an iron fist, dominating the population with the illusion of security and resources. Slaves die by the hundreds in bloody arena games for the amusement of the masses. On Athas, life is brutal, violent, and short.

It is a world where the past has been erased by those in power; where almost all knowledge of a time before the sorcerer-kings held power is gone. A world where the people are kept illiterate and struggling to keep them from realizing that it was not always this way – that there was a time when the next drink of water was not all that a person cared about.

Not all who walk the world can be made to forget, however. Not all of the past can be erased. And when that past intrudes into the present, it may be that a brutal life spent in the grip of a tyrant is preferable.

Preferable, at least, to obliteration.

Welcome to Athas, the world of Dark Sun. Memory is stirring, the past is coming back. And this time, the sorcerer-kings might fail.

As the World Burns

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